See what others are saying about working with Hannah:

Angela Blair, Food Access Manager, Sandwell Primary Care Trust:

Hannah carried out every aspect of the Food System’s Planning research and report writing in Sandwell with great professional focus and continued flexibility to meet our needs in a time of transition. I have great admiration for her skills and the approach she used with such complex work. She demonstrated her ability to listen and learn from individuals and find patterns in the policies and partnerships that reveal a coherent way forward. I would definitely recommend Hannah to colleagues and other authorities pursuing similar or connected work

Jeffrey Brown, chairman, UpLift Solutions and CEO, Brown’s Super Stores, Inc.:

Hannah was amazing at facilitating with the Philadelphia Food Marketing Task Force, which brought all the necessary leaders to the table—supermarkets executives, elected officials and community partners—to launch the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative. Her work was a critical part of the success of this program.

Manel Kappagoda, vice president, ChangeLab Solutions:

Hannah is looked to by our clients and partners as a national expert on healthy food financing policy, corner store conversions, and other food access strategies. She is a strong writer, public speaker, project manager and social innovator—as well as a wonderful colleague.

Rosanna Oliva, marketing manager, California Department of Public Health

Hannah is an interactive, engaging trainer. She has provided both online and in-person trainings for local health department staff throughout California. She effectively draws on participants to share best practices and conveys technical information in an accessible manner. I always learn new, practical strategies to create healthier communities.

Pilar Lorenzana-Campo, senior planner and program director, ChangeLab Solutions

As the manager of our largest federal contract, Hannah has been instrumental in our ability to deliver legal and technical assistance to communities throughout the country. She is a master at juggling multiple projects, staff, and consultants. Working with her is a dream because she is highly intelligent, extremely organized, and has a wonderful sense of humor. Hannah is the kind of person who cares about fairness, justice, and equality and she uses all her skills to make sure that everyone can live by those principles. She’s a complete gem.

Lori Glass, consultant, Community Investment Advisory Services

Hannah and I worked closely together to develop the Pennsylvania Fresh Food Financing Initiative, the first of its kind statewide financing program for supermarket operators in underserved communities. Hannah is a skilled collaborator, bringing together lenders, supermarket owners, elected officials, and community leaders in a true public-private partnership. Hannah’s outreach to the supermarket industry resulted in new stores and jobs in communities that had long been overlooked.